Modex Falck in Portugal, Barreiro 2017

19th of oktobris 2017.

From June 11th to 15th of 2017,  LL TAST participated in Modex exercise organized by Falck, in Portugal. New challenge for LL TAST was carried out. First time all heavy equipment was delivered from Latvia and Lithuania by cargo company. All sensitive equipment such as ICT was carried by team via regular commercial air transport. Fortunately all heavy equipment was delivered to Portugal right on time, so LL TAST was able to establish all subsistence facilities on Base of Operations as soon as possible in first phase of exercise. Very noteworthy aspect was initiative of LL TAST team leader, during establishment of joint Base of Opeartions with other rescue modules, what resulted in final agreement to built camps tight together in very small area.

As second challenge was extremely hot weather, so LL TAST members was able to find best solutions to decrease temperature in office area.

In the end successful exercise for LL TAST again and good feedback from trainer, with some issues to take in count on future development of LL TAST.


More information about exercise find here.

Official video footage of exercise find here.




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