LL TAST international Module Exercise ‘Trimodex’, Weeze.

29th of janvāris 2016.

Trimodex exercise, which was first LL TAST international experience, together with Netherland USAR team and colleagues from EUCPT, took place in Weeze, Germany on the 1st until the 4th of October 2015. The aim of Trimodex exercises is to provide a safe learning opportunity for all participants involved. The teams will be able to work in an international environment and use the latest guidelines for EU Host Nation Support, the new OSOCC guidelines and INSARAG guidelines. This means that the participants will be able to determine the final aims and objectives for the exercise. The Trimodex exercises will present the TAST teams with the challenge to support a very busy EUCPT and to coordinate the information structure and logistics in a country in distress. The TAST team must be self-sufficient, provide accommodation and meals to EUCPT experts and the ERCC liaison officer, be proactive and operate in an international environment. TAST will have an experienced trainer with extensive knowledge of TAST procedures to provide feedback on lessons learned. The teams have had the opportunity to ‘train as they fight’. Training Base Weeze offers realistic scenario-based training possibilities for public authorities and organizations with search & rescue missions. Training Base Weeze is a German big training ground for field exercises for first responders, defense, medical relief and police forces and is part of the Airport Weeze. Because it’s history as a military base, it has every aspect that a responder could wish for when participating in small or full-scale training scenarios.


According to scenario, storm, heavy rain and low temperatures affected virtual non European country ‘Azuria’. Beside natural disaster, there were several problems with displaced refugees from virtual Azuria`s neighbour country ‘Bartania’. As national capacity of Azurian local emergency management authorities run out, government of Azuria asked for international assistance. So, within EU Civil Protection Mechanism, EUCPT, supported by LL TAST, and Netherland USAR team started they work in Azuria.


LLTAST established OSOCC and installed communication equipment – satellite modems, 4G modems. Build up a field office for EUCPT work, meeting room, lounge, sanitary facilities, canteen, where warm meals were served for EUCPT members and liason officers of USAR team. As all teams work for common goal, LLTAST helped to colleagues from Netherland USAR with transportation ofpersonell to/from affected area and heater for their field office


It was good opportunity to work together with many colleagues in international environment and we are very satisfied with job done and experience we have got.





Sanitation equipment