LL TAST in Trimodex 2, Valabre, France 2016

19th of oktobris 2017.

From the 25th until the 28th of February the second Trimodex exercise took place in the south of France. USAR teams from Romania, Croatia, Finland and France participated as well as the Latvian/Lithuanian TAST and an EUCPT team. The teams had to face very different weather conditions, from sunny and almost spring-like to wet and incredibly windy. On a wide variety of sites, scattered around the countryside and even in populated areas, the teams did everything in their power to achieve the exercise goals.

This was third international exercise where LL TAST provided technical and logistical support for European Union civil protection team (EUCPT).

Challenges during exercise: hard weather conditions (windy and rainy), delays in equipment delivery from Home-base to Base of Operations in Valabre. Despite several difficulties, LL TAST members show their professionalism and manage to provide sufficient support on running OSOCC.

Some pictures are available here.

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Team members’ uniform