Internal training course (Lithuania)

10th of septembris 2015.

From 28th to 29th April 2015 in Lithuania (Valciunai) was held Internal training course.

The first day of the course was appointed for studying new EU guidance for TAST, new functions for TAST’s, trying new procedures of the LL TAST. In the afternoon Lithuanian part of LL TAST established a Base of Operation for BaltFloodCombat members, set up an office for EU civil protection experts, tried to connect and test ICT equipment.

On the second day Lithuanian part of LL TAST members studied mission’s documentation, planned and executed a transportation of EUCPT from and to designated area, tested RDC and OSOCC procedures. During this day were also tested sanitation and sleeping facilities, lightning and office equipment and other available equipment.

After the Internal training course LL TAST members from Lithuania got a much clearer view of their capacities and capabilities.




Power conwertors
Power cables
Other tools

IT equipment