EU SaareMODEX, Estonia, Saaremaa 2016

19th of oktobris 2017.

From 19th – 22nd of May 2016, in Saaremaa (Estonia), fourth exercise for LL TAST….but…due to the Lithuanian Fire and Rescue department under Ministry of Interior preparation for LERT USAR  Insarag reclassification,  LL TAST team was able to participate consisting only of Latvian part.

The exercise was based on a national flood scenario, aiming realistic vulnerabilities and extraordinary events that occurred and are recurring on the Saaremaa Island every 5 to 20 years.

During exercise LL TAST involved medical staff in team composition and as an added value, Exercise Control additionally made an inject specific for Medical support.

Number of different inputs was prepared for other LL TAST team members, and the work was done perfect.

Some pictures available here.

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