6th Project coordination meeting (Project closing meeting)

17th of novembris 2015.

On 12 – 13 November 2015 in Latvia (Skrunda) was held 6th Project coordination meeting which also was project closing meeting.

State Fire and Rescue Service of the Republic of Latvia as project coordinator was represented by Chief of Service – Oskars Abolins, Deputy Chiefs – Intars Zitans,
Normunds Plegermanis, Kristaps Eklons and project work group members.
Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania as project beneficiary was represented by Head of Department – Remigijus Baniulis,
Deputy Head – Vygandas Kurkulis  and project work group members.

On meeting were presented results of LLT project implementation,
LL TAST experience gained in Civil Protection exercises 2015 and possibility to register
LL TAST in EERC (Voluntary pool).

Agreement on further development of LL TAST was signed and it enters into force on
12 December 2015.



Handheld radio
Desktop Switch

Comunication equipment