2nd Personnel training course

23rd of decembris 2014.


LLT 2 nd personnel training course was conducted in Ergli, Latvia. In course participated 14 members from Latvia, 13 from Lithuania and experienced expert from Estonia  Vadim Ivanov. Project personnel spent 3 full of knowledge days in hotel “Ērgļi” premises from 2 till 4 December 2014.

In training 1st day team members get a short feedback from 1st Personnel training course, whereupon they prepared presentations on topics learned. In course2nd day personnel learned topics such as –

–          Mobilization;

–          Set up of the team;

–          Deployment;

–          CECIS, ERCC;

–          Main risks and threats of mission.

Very useful was Estonian expert sharing with mission experience.

On last day of Personnel training course team members were introduced with project equipment and usage of it.

Photos from 2 nd Personnel training course can be found here.





Team members’ uniform